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Membership Investment Levels


People often have different reasons for joining the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce, but one thing remains constant: the Chamber means Business! Whether your company has just invested capital in locating in northwest Harris County, or is thinking about locating here, the Houston Northwest Chamber is working on your behalf to keep the economy and workforce strong and growing.

Membership in the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce is a primary building block in connecting you to the community, other business owners and managers, and supports the local economic development of the community you've chosen to invest in by locating your business in northwest Harris County. Membership investments begin at $325 per year and vary based on the benefits you wish to access and include in your membership. Some of these benefits can be accessed separately for a fee; some cannot. By upgrading, or enhancing, your membership, you can access more of these benefits at a reduced (or "discounted") rate. Enhanced Memberships are available to those companies interested in making a great economic commitment to the Chamber and their community.

All members of the Chamber can proudly state that they are making a difference in their community by becoming a member and supporting the advocacy and economic development work the Chamber does to attract, retain and grow business in northwest Houston. However, there are additional benefits of visibility to promotion that a company can claim by enhancing theirmembership and investing more strongly in the Chamber and their community.


Membership levels include: